Everend Thorne
Owner, Project Manager, Carpenter, Painter
"I like to fix houses and make them pretty again!"

After years of service as a Project Manager in "Corporate America", Everend left to pursue a new career. He found joy and satisfaction in repairing and renovating homes for himself and friends. With a focus on honesty and communication, this hobby has developed into a career, which he enjoys and customers appreciate.

"I have managed my own rental properties for several years, doing nearly all the maintenance work myself. I take pride in my work and my tenants appreciate their well maintained home. I want to help you repair and maintain your home too!"

  Cell 512-484-4391

Hiring Process Outline

Your Steps
Our Steps
If you are selected...
 1  Read up about us:   
 2  Submit an application  
   3  Quick Initial Interview
  • We will contact you via email to schedule a 10 minute interview.
  • This initial inteview may be done in person or over the phone.
  • You will be expected to have completed step one above and to do 90% of the talking.
 4  Candidate Questionaire   
   5 We will call your references.
       6 Second Interview
    • We will contact you to schedule a 45 minute in person interview.
    • Discuss written answers to Questionnaire.
    • Have you got skills?
    • Are you Hungry? What's your drive and motivation.
    • Are you Humble? Do you serve with respect?
    • Discuss the future - where do you want to be in 5 years?
    • Again, you'll do most of the talking in this interview.
     7 Develop a personal budget.
    • What income do you need/want to live?
    • We don't want to hire you for a position that doesn't fit your budget.
    • If you are stressed about money, you won't perform at your best.
       8 Third Interview
    • Handbook Walkthrough
    • Job Responsibilities
    • Compensation & Benefits
       9 Background Check
    • You must pass - no records
     10  Drug Test
    • You must pass Drug free
       11  Spousal Interview
    • Everend & his wife will take you and yours out for a dinner.
    • Let's get to know each other in a less formal setting.
     12  90 Day Probationary Period
    • Is this working for you?
    • Is this working for us?
    • This is your opportunity to prove your value to the company and to our customers.