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Touch Up Painting - New paint will be very similar but will not be a 100% match. This means you will be able to paint a whole wall with this new paint and it will look just like the wall next to it. However, you will most likely not be able to touch up with this new paint, on the old wall, where it will be a precise match. This is for three main reasons. 1. Your old paint has aged, all of it has changed color and sheen ever so slightly over time. Each part of each wall will age differently depending on factors like sunlight exposure and number of times it was touched. 2. The original paint was likely watered down by the original painters in order to stretch the paint and make it flow through the sprayer easier. The thinning of the paint changes the color and sheen, its impossible to recreate this change precisely. Additionally, you'll be applying the paint with a brush or roller vs a sprayer. Paint lays down differently based on how it is applied. 3. Paint mixers change calibration over time and cleanliness. It doesn't take much pigment to change the color of a gallon of paint. So if the colorant machine is off in any way (the humidity or temp are different) the number of molecules of pigment will be different in the new gal vs the old gal. Likewise the paint manufacturers are frequently changing their precise formula to get better performance of the paint and to adhere to govt regulations.

So if we can't get a 100% match, what do we do to make our homes look good again? 1) Use some of the original paint. This is the best chance you have of being able to touch up marks, without the spot being noticeable. Flat paint can be touched up less noticeably than glossy paint. 2) Paint a full section, from hard break to hard break. This means to paint up to the change in plain. In a rectangular room, this means paint one whole wall. Our eyes are trained to see what we expect. So while a touch up spot may be very obvious, with the contrast having the same light reflective properties, two surfaces of a different plane which meet, can have slightly different colors but our eyes and brain will perceive them as the same color.

Marshmallow Crossbows - I found a design for this Marshmallow Crossbow on http://woodworking.formeremortals.net/2013/09/make-a-marshmallow-crossbow/. I though it was so cool I decided to make one for everyone! The first one I made took about six hours to make as I did it almost all by hand. I thought it was sooooo cool that I decided to make one for everyone in my family. It's almost time for the grand shootout! The last set of nine took a lot less time with the addition of good belt and spindle sanders to my shop. Between these new tools and using the router to round over each piece before sanding smooth, they turned out more uniformly and quickly. A couple other mods I made; 1) shortened the rope as others suggested. 2) Marshmallow holder is one piece instead of two. 3) used waxed leather-working thread with a Surgeon's knot to attach the trigger & firing pin. 4) I used 1" and 1/4" wide strips of Thera-Band. 5) Rounded the top of the firing pin making it easier to pull the rope back over the firing pin. 6) Holes in the cross drilled large enough to slide a straw through. This allowed me to roll the end of the 1" Thera-Band and slide a 2" long piece of drinking straw over the end, then use it like a needle to thread the Thera-Band through the hole. 7) The last set I used a spacer block between the rails so after sanding down the outside edge flush with the body, the rails were even & uniform.

Thanks again for the great design!
Pirate Themed Bunk beds - Since our second son was born, my wife started talking about the bunk beds I would build someday. This year I've been spending my free time working on these. Key design feature is that they would be built and assembled in parts. Starting with the base frame, then adding embellishments as I have time. This also makes the bed transportable so if we move, it's not stuck inside their old bedroom.
Privacy Fence - Replacing your builder grade fence is an investment, be sure to make it a good investment. Many houses come with a basic fence that will look good for only a year and with our yearly high winds, fall down within 5-10 years. Home builders often install the least expensive fence they can, using landscaping timbers as posts only buried in the ground a few inches. Using two runners and thin pickets leaves the home owner in the position of owning a rickety, wavy and ugly fence.
Wood Privacy Fence - Many homes come with privacy fences provided by the builder. Often they use landscaping timbers as posts that are not properly installed. This makes for a weak fence that looks bad and often falls over when the wind pulls the concrete right out of the ground or the posts rot off. We have installed many fences properly, replacing the inexpensive builder grade budget fence.

We built this fence in Nov 2011. These pictures were taken May 2013, over a year and a half after it was built and it still looks this good! This customer called us out to install a rabbit barrier around the edge of the fence, to prevent wild bunnies from entering his yard.

Bathtub Tile Surround - Builders commonly install tile directly over Sheetrock around here. As long as the tile, caulk or grout doesn't deteriorate or crack this works. But as soon as there is a little water penetration (which is inevitable) the Sheetrock begins to deteriorate and the issue snowballs into tiles falling, mold and 'Texas water bugs' making their home in the wall behind the tile. We can remove all the damage and rebuild your shower better than new. Using cement backer board and a latex moisture barrier your new shower will last for many many years!
Repair Rotted Door Jamb - The sprinkler system has a tendency to spray directly against the door, over the years the moisture has caused the jamb to rot out. We will replace the rotted wood and seal it against future rot. Because of this design where the jamb is setting on this brick shelf future rot may be inevitable, but we'll work to prevent it.
Plum Creek Yard Fence - In Kyle, TX one new development dominates the area, this is Plum Creek. This new duoplex owner wanted a fence to keep the little people in (kids). Now she can be more confident about letting the kids play outside.
Custom Bookshelf for Nursery - After looking at many furniture stores for the perfect bookshelf we decided it would be better to design and build it in-house.
Exterior Paint and Porch Rehab - This back porch need a little TLC. The paint was getting old and flaking both on the outside and inside. The screen door was not latching very well and the blinds wanted to curl up and die. We cleaned up this porch and the rest of the exterior, with new trim, blinds and paint all around; boy what a difference.
New shed roof and rebuilding the tennis court backstop. - This past fall, someone tried walking on the corrugated aluminum roof of this shed, unfortunately it didn't support his weight. We've beefed up the roof trusses, decked and shingled it. The tennis courts right behind this shed needed attention as the backstop has deteriorate. We strengthened the wall by adding another layer of 3/4" plywood and two fresh coats of paint.
Kitchen Paint and Bedroom Fan - Our client wanted to brighten up her monocromatic kitchen with a red accent wall. The bedroom fan was dated, we installed a new fan with a remote control. Now she can get cool w/out walking to the switch by the door.
Frog Bathroom - "We really hope new baby, Kody, will like the frogs!"
Game Room Top to Bottom & Bathroom Too! - In the past the bathroom above this game room has leaked water down through the ceiling. So we have been asked to replace the standard drywall ceiling with an acoustical pannel ceiling. This new ceiling will allow the client to easily look behind the tiles of the ceiling to make sure no future leaks become disasters. While we have the room cleared out, it's a perfect time for new flooring.

We are also giving the master bath a facelift. The bathroom has been looking tired and after that last leak the client decided a new bathroom is needed. New tile shower, tub and wall paint will really brighten this bathroom.

Rebuild Columns for the 'last time' - These columns have been replaced a few times over the last 20 years. At least portions of them have as over time the wood used both in the facing and the framing have rotted. We are rebuilding these columns using treated support lumber built on a mechanical stand. Then facing them using Hardie Trim. When finished they will look the same only this version will not rot out again! Part two of this project is the replacement of several window sills inside that have been damaged through the years.
Dog House - Every dog needs a good home.
Ice Maker Hose Leak - The hose supplying water to the icemaker started leaking. Unfortunately it did so in a way that was not noticable for 3-4 days. By the time the owner realized something was wrong there was a lot of damage. We need to replace the flooring in the bedroom, several areas of trim, sheetrock and repair cabinets.
Microwave Mount - The microwave and cabinet were no longer attached as they should have been. We properly mounted the microwave and shored up the cabinet to hold cookbooks above.
Emergency Roof Repair - This owner is preparing to do some major rehab work, but unfortunately a small section of the roof did not want to wait. We removed a few sections of damaged shingles, layed new felt paper over the hole and installed new shingles. This patch will now last until they can replace the roof this summer.
Exterior Rehab - Replace or repair damaged siding and trim as needed to make this house look top notch with a fresh coat of paint.
Gutter Installation - The flashing installed here did not keep the water away from the door well enough so we installed proper gutters.
Damaged Siding Replacement - Two sections of the east and north sides of this house have damaged siding that need replacing.

Home Exterior Rehab - Over the years every property suffers from the elements of Texas weather. Damaged siding, trim, and window casings among other areas need attention. Additionally, the covered patio has suffered greatly from wood rot. New fiberglass columns and a redesigned patio will provide protection from the weather while looking great and adding longevity to the exterior.
Repair Rotted Door Casing - This french door has some rotting problems. The lower sections of the casing have rotted. We will replace the lower section and seal it to prevent further rotting.
Condo Make-Ready - This condo needs a minor face lift before putting it on the market. We repair the drywall damage from abuse and water damage, then paint the interior. Fresh coat and cleanup is just what this place needs.
Flooded Porch Prevention - Our client has a problem that every time it rains, her front porch is flooded. We decided to use multiple approaches to solving her problem. First, we installed some flashing to divert water away from the chimney and to the gutters to either side of the flooding zone. Second we installed drainage under the ground and under the sidewalk to divert any water that still manages to collect in the area. Between preventing water from entering the zone and providing an easy-out for water that still manages to get there, we have eliminated the problem.
Residing Project - This fourplex needed new siding to replace some of the the rotted plywood siding and FAST. The property was scheduled to close within 2 weeks, we were given a total of 8 days to complete the project from start to finish. Once we removed some of the old siding we found several areas where the internal structure of the building and chimneys were rotten. In the time given we were able to replace all rotted siding according to the customers specification as well as repair and replace any rotted framing we found. We finished the project just in time for everyone to inspect before signing the paperwork!
Residing Project - This Duplex is getting a face lift with new hardi-siding. The old siding has begun to rot and deteriorate. New siding and paint will make this property pop with the tenants, giving the owners a real sense of pride in their offering.
Apt mini-remodel - This project was a mini-remodel while the tenant was out of town for four days. We cleaned, patched & repaired nearly everything. Repainted all walls, trim, doors and ceiling, removed kitchen wallpaper, and replaced bathroom vinyl flooring, most fixtures. It's amazing what a few coats of paint will do!
Pre-Sale Punch-list - An out of town rental property owner needed some tasks completed so he could put this property on the market for sale. We were able to solve each of his problems within 1 week to meet his listing deadline. The property went under contract only two weeks after listing! Congrats!
Custom Bookshelves - Make full use of your limited space by adding a built in desk and bookshelves.
Ceiling Fan - Cool your room with a new ceiling fan. Update your builder-grade ceiling fan with a stylish designer model.
Game Room Bar - Turn your Game Room into a REAL game room!
Mirror Frame - Dress up your bathroom mirror with stained or painted frame.
Recipe Center - Custom built storage for all your Cookbooks, Magazines and Recipe Cards.
Sugar Glider Cage - Beautiful hardwood home for your little pets.
Projector, Screen & Cornice - Mount a projector to the ceiling and hide a retractable projector screen behind decorative cornice.